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Sometimes, however, finding simplicity is the hardest way, especially when the goal isplexity caused by simplicity. Having a device that can act as ten different devices with fewer than one part is a daunting task. But some people like challenges.


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The most striking feature of the Slow Runner is without a doubt the huge balance in the AM36.001 caliber. With a diameter of 24 millimeters, it is really gigantic, and the blue silicon spring is also enormously impressive. When you see the balance in action, it almost looks like an organic part of the watch is doing its job.

Move to the right side of the case and you'll see the EZM 10's unique short putter and a large screw-in crown. The pusher is an outstanding feature of the watch. Low-key buttons may have been extracted replica watches with box and papers from the famous Tutima NATO timing table to prevent potential distress caused by traditional buttons. They also look stylish. They are almost equal to the shell, but only slightly outstretched, perhaps a millimeter, and then have beveled edges. The PVD coating makes them stand out in subtle ways, increasing the overall sense of progre watches replicass of the watch. Because they are so wide and flat, it is easy and satisfying to press them down. There is no doubt that the depth rating of the EZM 10 is 200m, despite the non-traditional putter design.

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At least in the early part of the decade, one side effect of the rise of microbrans was the recent creation of crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter. By funding, selling and acquiring new customers at the same time, a shrewd brand can go from nothing to selling hundreds or even thousands of hours at launch (both a blessing and a curse). This concept reflects the value-conscio replica watches guide us approach of microbrans and the alternatives to marketing. Today, Kickstarter has essentially become a market of its own, gaining a negative reputation as a flash-buying site. Many people use revenue as their primary sales platform, not just for branding, and success depends largely on their marketing budget. In addition, large companies have begun to use it purely for exposure purposes.

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